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About the photographer

Chris F. Wilson is a freelance photographer in Portland, Oregon.  His sports photography

has been featured on PortlandTribune.com, the on-line 24-hour version of The Portland

Tribune, the print version of The Portland Tribune, eDuck.com (a website dedicated to

covering University of Oregon sports), and eDuck Magazine.

He has covered the Portland Trail Blazers, the Oregon State Beavers football team, the

Portland Lumberjax, the Portland Winter Hawks, and the University of Oregon football,

basketball, baseball, and track and field teams.  As a former collegiate athlete himself and

multi-sport enthusiast, he has a natural feel for many different sports and enjoys capturing

both unique and peak moments of events.

A versatile photographer, Chris does not shoot only sports.  His work has also been used

by Oregon Public Broadcasting, National Crime Victim Law Institute, and Bamboo

Originals.  Chris also enjoys shooting landscapes, and natural light portraits when not on

an assignement.

He shoots all digital with either a Canon Mark II N or Canon 1D body and a variety of high

quality Canon lenses.  Chris is available for freelance work.  Click here  to send him an